Utility Worker Impersonator

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A utility company is warning its customer’s about anyone who comes to their door identifying themselves as an Alabama Power employee.

Wednesday afternoon, a man got inside an elderly woman's home in Geneva by misrepresenting himself. Geneva police are not really sure what this man's intentions were. The homeowner was not robbed or injured.

Juanita cotton has been living in her Choctaw Street home in Geneva since 1958. On Wednesday afternoon, a man identifying himself as an Alabama Power employee knocked on her front door saying that he was sent to do an energy audit of the house.

The man described as white and being in his 40s or 50s proceeded to look for televisions and appliances.

"He came through the front door of my house. He measured a few rooms. Asked me who lived next door. I said my son, and he may be outside," said Cotton.

An Alabama Power company spokesman says there's no way one of their employees will walk up to a house and ask to come in.

"If you are suspicious of a person who identifies themselves as a power company employee, call Alabama Power and we will call the employee to ensure that they are where they are suppose to be and why," said Vann Bradshaw of Alabama Power Mgr. Florala & Geneva.

Geneva police Chief Frankie Lindsey says Mrs. Cotton was lucky. It does not appear the individual took anything. He warns area residents not to allow a stranger inside your home.

"I advise folks not to let someone inside your house if you don't know them. It’s not advisable. Just don't let them in," said Chief Lindsey.

Following the incident, Alabama Power has also issued a warning not to allow anyone inside their home who might identify themselves as a company employee. They carry identification badges and very rarely have to do work inside a residence.

If anyone has any questions or concerns of someone wanting to come inside your home contact your nearest law enforcement agency immediately.

Geneva police say the suspect appeared to be driving an older model brown pick-up truck. If you can help them with the case contact Geneva police at 684-2777.