Dothan Businesses Are Getting Ready to Sell Draft Beer

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Restaurants in Dothan are getting ready to begin selling draft beer Saturday, and business owners are preparing for the big day.

Distributors’ phones are ringing off of the hook. Businesses are trying to get beer in stock so consumers can tap into it. Freezers are holding bottles of beer being replaced with draft beer kegerators and keg freezers.

Blake Phillips, Houligan's Co-Owner, said, “We've got refrigeration, we've got a walk-in cooler, it'll be done tomorrow, so, I mean, we're ready for it; it's going to be a cold, crisp product.”

According to United Distributors LLC, almost ever major restaurant chain has called to change over to draft beer within the next month.

Plan B Sports Bar and Grill’s co-owner Jim Flowers say they've only been open for a couple of months and have spared no expense to their bar which boasts projection screens, XBOX 360s, and live bands. But the entire wall of the bar will now get a facelift when draft beer equipment is installed.

“We're going to do a special thing with our draft beer. We're going to offer samples so everybody will be able to come in and sample,” said Flowers.

Plan B and Houligans will begin selling draft beer at 12:01 Saturday morning. Plan B is calling it a Half-Year New Years. Houligans says it's a chance to see more tourists in the Circle City.

Some convince store owners say they'll have kegs on order if a customer wants to buy one. Draft beer equipment can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,500. Sanitation may be a big issue, distributors will be giving out “how to” books to restaurant owners on this week.

United Distributors in Dothan say the beer law won't hurt or help because it already distributes draft beer across state.