Geneva County Wants to Allow its Landfill for Cash

With the housing boom in Northwest Florida and the Wiregrass, Geneva County commissioners see an opportunity to cash in. The board wants to allow surrounding counties to use its landfill.

The landfill located between Geneva and Samson is licensed only to take in construction material from Geneva County residents and businesses. However, the county commission would like the state to approve a change where debrief from surrounding Wiregrass and panhandle counties would be permitted.

"Help pay our operational costs we're experiencing. Right now the landfill doesn't pay for itself. We would like a bit of help with it," said engineer Roy Powell of Geneva County.

A Eufaula contractor working in Malvern says allowing him to dump debrief in Geneva County would be ideal, saving him money on fuel expenses of trucking it to Coffee County.

"Disposal, it’s always on our minds. Really, you have to look and save because material expenses are so high these days," said Clint Senn.

For one Slocomb roofer, he spent nearly $4,000 last year in disposing of construction related materials.

Tony Kelly has been using landfills in Coffee and Dale Counties, but the closer the better in saving money and time.

"It adds to the cost for everybody, but we are just like everybody else; the price of fuel going to the other end of the county is incontinent. But we have to do what we have to do," said Tony Kelly.

The Geneva County Commission has voted to proceed with a landfill licensing change. A date for a required public hearing on the matter has not been set.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management will decide on a license change to allow construction debris from surrounding counties.