Railroad Killer Executed but Jackson Co. Brutal Murder Unsolved

Jackson County sheriff investigators have been communicating with those impacted by the Railroad Killer who was executed Tuesday night.

Authorities say Angel Maturino Resendiz is responsible for the murders of more than 15-people near railways. He could also be responsible for the brutal murder of Theresa Hall and her 5-year old daughter on December 9, 1991 in Cypress, Florida.

Before his execution, authorities traveled to Texas to get any last comment from him regarding the case.

Major John Dennis said,” He told me that he did not know and did not remember committing any crimes there whatsoever. Be he knew that he recognized these people and he knew that he recognized this area that he described to me."

Authorities say after the interview, they met with the victim's family. There is one other suspect and authorities continue to investigate the case.