Railroad Crossings

Many of Dothan's railroad crossings are in really poor condition, and city officials are at odds as to how and when these crossings should be repaired.

However, residents living near the crossings want to know when will they see results.

A report released last week by the city engineer's office says crossings like the one on Lake Street are in poor condition.

A city ordinance says "railroad companies" are responsible for maintaining and repairing their crossings, since it is their right-of-way, and not under city control.

Residents in the area say they are tired of the wait and of having to have their cars realigned because of the crossings condition.

While the city can threaten legal action to force the railroad companies into compliance, the city's traffic engineer says residents need to be a little more patient with the railroad companies.

News 4 spoke to all four-railroad companies this week and received word that a 60-day period is a workable timeframe for repairs to be completed.