Demolition Scheduled for Several Troy Homes

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Residents in Troy will soon be saying goodbye to several homes within their city. The city council voted to demolish some homes, after labeling them unsafe.

Troy city officials did try to contact the people owner to give them the chance to fix the homes up but those owners never responded, and now, city officials say these structures have to go.

"It's in an unsafe condition meaning windows are knocked out or doors are open where a child or someone could go in, and accidentally hurt themselves," said Junior Register, Troy Building Official.

In total there are eight structures on the demolition block. Some with very serious structural problems, others started off as something, but the builders never finished.

However they all have one thing in common.

"They're dilapidated, they're falling in, and they're a danger to the community," said John H. Witherington, Troy City Council President.

City officials say they did give the owners of these homes plenty time to fix them up. First they sent the owners a letter requesting that these homes be fixed up within 30 days, and then they take the issue to the city council.

"Once they determine that the building is unsafe, the owner has a 10 day time period to appeal. If there is no appeal, the city council can then determine that the building's can be torn down," said Register

"We've asked them to comply and have these building's demolished, but they've chosen not to do so, so we're going to have it done," said Witherington.

City officials will now go through the process of finding a company to demolish these homes.

Once that is done, the homes will be demolished, and the cost of the demolition will be passed down to the property owners, who will have to pay the money back to pike county.

City officials say they are not sure how long it will take to find the right demolitionist, but they do hope to have these homes torn down within the next two to three weeks.