Authorities Questioning Dead Row Inmate for Double Murder

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A man accused of several murders is scheduled for execution Tuesday in Texas and Jackson County authorities are questioning him about an unsolved double murder case.

The illegal immigrant Angel Maturino Resendiz is known as the "Railway Killer" who slew more than 15 people near railways.

Jackson County authorities think he might also be responsible for the brutal murder of Theresa Hall and her five-year-old daughter on December 9, 1991.

Resendiz was imprisoned at the Marianna Federal Prison before then and was still in the community at the time of the killings. Jackson County officials would not go on record to talk about the case but said they have an investigator in Texas and they will talk publicly after the execution is carried out.

James Kamiford has lived in the Cypress community for 61 years. He remembers when the murders rocked his peaceful hometown.

“People around here wondered what happened and there was fear,” said Kamiford.

Gary Johnson has called Cypress home all his life. He dubbed the gruesome murders astonishing and remembers people didn't know how to act afterwards.

“Unbelievable someone would kill someone like that,” said Johnson.

If Resendiz is responsible, investigators will be there for a final hour confession in the case that has haunted this small community for years.

Defense attorneys have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block the execution.