Dothan Emergence Radio Upgrade

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The city of Dothan needs $12 million worth of upgrades to their public safety radios.

Some city officials call it old, others call it outdated. Either way these Johnson 800 radios the city of Dothan’s fire and police departments have need to be replaced.

“Like anything else technology requirements is taking its toll. The maintenance requirements are taking their toll; obviously its time to be aggressive in replacing the system,” said Fire Chief Sam Crawford.

Public safety officials are proposing that the city use a new radio system provided by Southern LINC. The radios will still be 800 megahertz. However, it'll have brand new technology built just for public safety.

Which authorities feel could be a good thing. Considering within the past couple of months, the current system, which is 13 years old, shut down three times.

“The system that we have, hasn't grown with the city,” Police Chief John Powell.

The project will cost around $32,000. If the city of Dothan decides to purchase the Southern LINC radios, it will be a temporary fix until officials can find the $12 million needed to replace the entire thing.

Dothan city commissioners will vote on whether to get the system on July 11.