New Republican Sheriff Candidate

Incumbent Sheriff Lamar Glover has a contender for the general election in November. Sergeant Andrew “Andy” Hughes was chosen by GOP officials late Monday.

The 38 year old has 20 years of experience in law enforcement; Hughes began his career as a dispatcher with the Houston County sheriff's department and served in various capacities at the Houston County jail and as a narcotics investigator.

Hughes currently works with the Dothan police departments patrol division. He was considered an underdog to more well-known contender in Monday night's vote.

“I think my approach to the community policing methods that I discuss probably appeal to a lot of people. I think law enforcement in general does not get out to people like it should. I think as Sheriff of Houston County, I feel like if I see some people on their front porch I should be stopping and talking to them,” said Sgt. Hughes, (R) Houston County Sheriff.

The general election will take place on November 7th.