Nationwide Gas Prices Decline Slightly Over Last Two Weeks

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UNDATED, Ala. (AP) — The price of gasoline is slowly dropping, according to a nationwide survey.

The average price for self-serve regular is down to 2.89 a gallon. The Lundberg Survey says that's just six cents less than this year's peak price, set in early May.

According to Daily Fuel Gauge Report by Triple-Alabama, the average price of regular unleaded statewide is 2.71 a gallon; midgrade fuels are 2.89 and premium, on average, is 2.98.

Motorists in Birmingham pay the highest prices for regular at two dollars, 74 cents a gallon. Montgomery and Tuscaloosa each tied for the cheapest price for regular at 2.69.

Charleston, South Carolina, had the lowest average price of gas in the U.S., selling at 2.61 a gallon. The highest average pump price, at 3.26 per gallon, was in Honolulu.