News 4 Investigates Water Restrictions

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The city of Dothan remains under phase two water restrictions. For the past several days, News 4 has received several phone calls from Dothan residents concerned about people watering their lawns, when they're not supposed to.

News 4 went to different parts of the city and sure enough we found several people breaking the rules.

Dothan utilities officials are out and about looking for violators.

Dothan Utilities Billy Mayes said, "When we receive calls we send some of our personnel out to check it, and if we catch them in action we will write them a citation."

Under the current restrictions, sprinkler usage is only allowed three times a week for every homeowner. Each day determined by even and odd addresses. Some people are abiding by these rules but some are not.

News 4 found a house where the sprinklers were going constantly, on the wrong day, but no one was home.

Some people don’t even know about the water restrictions.

One homeowner had her sprinklers on, but when she found out she wasn't supposed to, she quickly shut them off.

So what happens to people who break the rules?

Billy Mayes said, "The first time is a warning, the second time is a fine with the disconnection of service, and the third and fourth are also disconnection of service with a higher fine."

A second offense will cost $100 along with the disconnection of service. A third offense will also lead to the disconnection of service, and $500 fine. The fourth offense will force officials to cut off water service until the current stage of the water conservation plan ends, along with a $1,000 fine.

Officials say they're continuing to monitor water levels to determine if they need to implement phase three restrictions.