Take Protection While Using ATM

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A Wiregrass bank is informing its customers of the dangers associated with ATM's after some cards were stolen. Troy Bank and Trust officials say they are repeatedly finding debit cards left in their ATM's.

They say this happens because people either get distracted by cell phones or are in a hurry. Bank officials say a lot of cards get turned in but there are some that are never seen again.

The machine didn't have a mechanical error. Instead, the card owners walked away after the transaction and leaving the card behind.

“If you left your card in there and you walk away and I walk up there and I see the sign that says would you like another transaction and I click yes and I go through the transaction and take your money. I mean you lose your money," said Sohail Agboatwala, Troy University Director of Auxillary Services

Troy Bank and Trust officials say this is nothing new, but to better secure users' accounts. They say they are taking some steps to make their ATM’s safer.

Amy Russell TB & T Economic Banking Specialist said, "We're looking at trying to take that message off. Do you want another transaction or we will try to come up with another card reader where it does not retain the card during the transaction.”

Here are tips you can practice to be sure you're safe when using the ATM:

Don't let others see you type in your PIN and don't let them see the amount of money you take. Also, minimize time by having your card ready and remember to always get your card back. Just because you have to use a PIN to use the ATM, doesn't mean you'd be safe if you left it behind.

If you leave your debit card at an ATM, contact your financial institution immediately.

Bank officials told News 4 they recommend all card users to write down the emergency number that's located on the back of the card as well as the card information.

They say to put that information in a safe place in case you loose your card or it gets stolen.

Troy Bank and Trust officials say they don't have a specific date of when they will change their ATM's.