FCAT Results

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More than 43,000 third-graders did NOT pass the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test this spring, putting their advancement into the fourth grade in question.

And nearly 14,000 12th-graders haven't yet passed the FCAT, putting their graduation in jeopardy.

Gov. Jeb Bush says it is, "absolutely appropriate" to retain third-graders who can NOT read on grade level. But he says that number of third-graders reading at grade level has climbed over the last three years.
Bush says that some of these students can still earn promotions or diplomas, pointing to programs that can help them meet the minimum standards.

Those include such as summer reading camps for third-graders and adult education courses for seniors.

Under state law, third graders who don't read at grade level must be retained. Although reading is generally measured by performance on the FCAT, schools can use other ways to assess a child's reading ability and allow the promotion.