New Southend Sewer Line Will Help Enterprise Growth

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The Coffee County revenue commissioner's office reports that in some cases property value has gone up more than 300 percent over the last four years in Enterprise. Building contractors and realtors say land has become a valuable commodity.

During the Enterprise city council meeting, Mayor Kenneth Boswell said everything is on target to bring sewer lines to the Southend of the Boll Weevil Circle.

A $15 million Early Childhood Education Center is well underway at the Southend of the Boll Weevil Circle. Prior to its groundbreaking, there was little commercial or private construction. Now, Enterprise is in the midst of bringing sewer lines to the Southend.

One business operator says such service was a determining factor in setting up shop.

"We have Enterprise growing. We got the Early School Center going up down the road. We have Brookwood, a Ronnie Gilley Property. People getting in on the action," said Johnny Strickland.

Country music star Kip Brooks has invested in the Brookwood housing development. Sewer lines will make the 130 unit subdivision possible.

Ronnie Gilley Properties’ Billy Graham said, "Here the development plans on where we need to run the utilities. That’s an important part of the entire site planning."

By bringing the additional sewer lines to the Southend, city officials say they hope to bring patterned growth to the entire circle.

Mayor Boswell said, "I think it gives us the option to bring a better distribution of people and business throughout the city and improves our tax base."

Other than the Southend, businesses and commercial growth can be found along the entire Boll Weevil Circle.

The sewer line extension to the Southend of the Boll Weevil Circle carries a price tag of around one-million dollars. The money to pay for the sewer line infrastructure will come from a combination of local and state funding.