Isaacs Execution

Death Penalty

Emotions are running high in the Georgia town of Donalsonville as residents await the execution of a man convicted of a mass murder in their town nearly 30 years ago.

Carl Isaacs is the longest serving death row inmate in the nation, and he's scheduled to be put to death Tuesday.

Isaacs and several others broke out of prison in 1973. They killed a Pennsylvania man and stole his car before heading south.

Their most brutal crime was committed in Seminole County and the impact is still being felt. It was a crime that shocked the Tri-States area.

Ned Alday, his brother, Aubrey and three sons, Jerry, Chester "Shugie" and Jimmy were shot to death in a mobile home near Donalsonville. Jerry's wife, Mary, was raped and murdered in a wooded area a few miles away.

Three escapees from a Maryland prison were arrested in West Virginia a few days later.

Carl Isaacs, Wayne Coleman and George Dungee were sentenced to die for the Aldays slayings. 15-year-old Billy Isaacs was also an accomplice, but he testified for prosecutors and got a 40-year sentence after being convicted only of burglary and robbery.

However, in 1988, the sentences for Coleman and Dungee were reduced on appeal to life behind bars.

Carl Isaacs got a new trial but was again convicted and sentenced to die. For the Alday family, it has been a long 30-years.

Wayne Coleman and George Dungee are still in prison. Nancy Blizzard says she hopes they die there.

Billy Isaacs was paroled ten years ago and is now said to be married and living in Florida.