Dothan Animal Shelter Overcrowded

Although the Dothan Animal Shelter is continually dealing with animal population problems, they have recently seen a surge in the issue.

The walls of the animal shelter are literally spilling over with dogs and cats. Staff members along with volunteers are doing all they can to care for the animals.

Cats and dogs, big and small are overwhelming the local animal shelter. Caretakers are putting in extra hours to take care of each animal. But there is only so much they can do.

Animal Shelter Consultant Jennifer Rowan said, "It's been a few disheartening weeks to be honest with you. Last week we had 200 animals come in to the facility and on Monday this week, we took in 62 animals.”

Currently 21 animals in the shelter and the space is limited. Some animals get transferred to other facilities around the country while others, even the nice adoptable ones, have to be put down.

"Imagine that many animals on top of what's already here, it gets a little rough side some days. I almost fee that they can sense the frustration at this point trying to figure out where to send the animals," said Rowan.

Officials say the best way to help with the overpopulation problem is to get your pet spayed or neutered.

For those who cannot adopt an animal from the shelter, there are other ways to help from donating food and other items to volunteering to love the cats and dogs while they are at the shelter.

People in the community have helped put together a new cattery. There will be a grand opening for the newest addition this Saturday at 10 a.m.