Christian Mission Center Cutbacks

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Meals are being cut in half to the elderly and disabled in Geneva County this week. Christian Mission Center officials in enterprise say they have no choice due to financial reasons.

Instead of delivering lunches on Mondays and Thursdays, volunteers will now only deliver on Thursdays in both Geneva and Samson.

86-year-old Irene Jackson moved to Samson following the great 1929 Elba flood.

The widow stays active by quilting, and is one of several hundred elderly Geneva counties who receive a free lunch.

But instead of two days a week, it’s been cut to one-day by the Christian Mission Center due to rising food costs and lack of community support.

"He is sitting on the road waiting for his meal. You know that's important. For many of these folks one nutritious meal a day will be all they get. That is tough to hear," said Kathy Denison of Christian Mission Center.

Christian Mission Founder, Reverend John Belcher, says it's tragic about the cutback.

Jackson agrees, especially for the elderly and handicapped.

“I can work on my quilt. Doing what I have to do as I can get a meal and not cook and I appreciate it," said Jackson

For those that are handicapped and elderly, officials say they will be the most affected because they have the least opportunities.

Officials would like the cities and Geneva County to lend a financial hand, along with the various churches in those communities.

Due to financial assistance from Elba and Enterprises, no hot meal lunch cutbacks are scheduled in Coffee County.

The cutbacks in Geneva County reduce the weekly lunches to residents there from 633 to 369.