Judge Ruled Former Mayor to Attend Anger Management

Level Plains Mayor Tim Jackson
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Former mayor of Level Plains, Tim Jackson was found guilty earlier this year of resisting arrest when he interfered with the arrest of a former council member, found guilty on another charge Monday

No cameras were allowed in the Level Plains Town Hall during the hearing. Although after about an hour and a half of testimony, the judge ruled the town's former Mayor Tim Jackson did assault, the current mayor, Tyrus Waters.

The incident happened back in March of this year when the two reportedly confronted each other about cell phones that belonged to the town.

Jackson had a city cell phone, and Waters, who were mayor pro-tem at the time, wanted it returned.

That's when authorities say Jackson got angry and shoved Waters to the floor, giving him an elbow injury.

Both sides took the stand, but in the end, a judge ruled against Jackson, and not only fined him but ordered him to attend anger management.

"I am pleased that they addressed the anger management. I think the violence needs to stop... I think this matter could have been handled a little better and not have resorted to violence, so that we could have solved it like two adults," said Level Plains Mayor Tyrus Waters.

Mayor Waters' Daughter Marsha Reeves said, “I'm glad that the judge ordered Mr. Jackson to go through some anger management courses... I think that may help them in the future."

Authorities say Jackson better not act up and get violent with anyone else.

"He's on 90 day's probation which means he cannot commit a similar act for the next 90 day period... or he will have his sentence vacated, and will have to actually go and serve time," said Police Chief Lanice Bonds

News 4 approached former mayor Jackson to ask him how he felt about the sentence, but as he has done several times in the past, he turned around and walked away.

Tim Jackson will now have to pay a 500 dollar fine and then attend an anger management course. If he assault's anyone else within the next 90 days, he will go straight to jail.

Despite the guilty charge and the amount of time that has gone by since the incident. Mayor Waters has chose not to have a restraining order placed on Tim Jackson.