Pawn Shop Burglary Update


Police have identified suspects in the theft of two hand guns from an Ozark pawn shop.

The crime was caught on videotape by a surveillance camera at the Show Gun and Pawn Express on Andrews Avenue Monday morning.

A group of people entered the store and distracted the clerk while two suspects stole a couple of pistols valued at about $1,000.

But, after News 4 aired a crimestoppers report on the incident, investigators were able to trace the suspects to Brooksville, Florida just North of Tampa.

Authorities in Brooksville have been contacted and the investigation is continuing. In the meantime, Ozark Police are still trying to locate the stolen guns.

Investigators say the weapons could still be in the area and they want to locate them before they fall into the wrong hands.

Anyone with information about the guns should contact the Ozark Police Department at 334-774-9999.