New Alabama Child Safety Seats Law

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A new law in Alabama has been created to protect your children when they are riding in a moving vehicle.

“It’s something that gives you nightmares,” said Sergeant Tim Ward.

He is talking about responding to an accident like this where a child has been killed because they weren't restrained properly. Now there are new laws that make it illegal for parents to refuse to restrain.

“The child safety revision includes lots more children something we'll appreciate in years to come,” said Sgt. Ward.

The new law requires infants to be in the rear facing position until at least one-year-old or 20 pounds. Children must stay in car seats in the forward facing position until the child is at least five years old or 40 pounds.

Booster seats are mandatory until the child is six years old and a seat belt must be worn until the child is 15 years old.

“Even kids in pickup trucks no riding in pickup trucks under,” said Sgt. Ward.

The penalty for disobeying the new restraint laws costs drivers $25 for each offense. The second offense means additional points on the driver's license.

Sgt. Ward said, “I have nightmares where child didn't survive because they weren't restrained properly.”

So make sure this doesn't happen to your children, and buckle up.

The text of the law is located on the Department of Public Safety's Web site,

The site also provides contact information for public information/education officers qualified to assist with proper installation of child safety restraints.