Alabama New ‘Move Over Law’

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A new law is being implemented to require drivers to pull over, even if they aren't speeding. It’s called the “Move Over Law.”

Alabama State Trooper Tracy Nelson said, “Anytime, whether it's an ambulance, fire truck or police, and they're on the side of the road conducting business and their lights are activated on the side of the road where they are effectively doing their job, driving down a four lane highway, you must change lanes.”

After several injuries statewide involving EMTs, firefighters, and law enforcement officers road-side, lawmakers decided it was about time.

“I can remember several times, and as you're writing a ticket and a driver is so close that your pants actually flair in the wind,” said Nelson.

Although traffic is too heavy to move over, a driver still has to slow down. If they don't they could face a slew of charges and even more hefty fines. Exactly how much they'll pay is still being determined.

The new law will take effect on July. As of now, officers may only charge a driver with reckless endangerment.

The same officer writing that's pulled over on the right-of-way will also chase down the driver that was recklessly driving.