Dothan Water Reserve

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The city of Dothan is also feeling the effects of the dry weather. Dothan put water restrictions in effect back in April, but not everyone is obeying them.

This month, the city is averaging about 22 million gallons of water pumped each day. About 93 percent of that is consumed by residents.

Dothan is talking about installing two wells in order to meet future demand for water in the city. However, even though the city is on a restricted water plan, city manager Mike West says Dothan has not reached a critical stage.

“We ask residents to work with us. We don't want to have more stringent restrictions. Right now, our water wells are holding their own, so we don't have any problem, but we ask their cooperation,” said West.

Plans for installing those wells are in the beginning stages. City commissioners will vote on a location for the new wells during their next meeting on June 20.