A Dothan Woman Recently Indicted on Manslaughter Charges, is Arrested for DUI.

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Tammy Melinda DeVane was charged with manslaughter back in March when investigators say she slammed her car into the back of a Dothan utility truck, killing a city employee. Wednesday, she's back behind bars on another traffic charge.

DeVane is at the Houston county jail, charged with DUI and this is not good news for her, because she's been indicted by a grand jury as a result of that deadly traffic accident three months ago.

It was around 2 pm, when police say they began receiving calls about an erratic driver, traveling near the intersection of Hodgesville Road and Third Avenue.

Sheriff Lamar Glover said, "Officers found Tammy DeVane driving erratic... this came to us from a citizen that had seen the erratic driving."

Authorities say several of those drivers eventually pulled over DeVane, who they say was reportedly swerving on and off the road.

When police and sheriff's deputies arrived, they say they found her inebriated.

"We understand that she was under the influence of inhalants that are found in aerosol cleaner fluids," said Sheriff Glover.

But DeVane's troubles don't end there.

She is also facing charges for her involvement in the death of Dothan city worker, Johnny White, back in march of this year.

White was raised in a bucket truck working on some power line repairs, when authorities say DeVane recklessly rammed her car into its rear.

"She has been indicted by the Houston County grand jury for manslaughter in that case, we're just awaiting trial at this time,” said Sgt. Tim Ward.

The trial dates for both cases have yet to be set.

Authorities have not released any information about the exact substance that DeVane was under the influence of. However they do say that she did test positive for the chemical difluorathane.

The chemical is an asphyxiate which is commonly found in deodorant and hairspray cans, and if inhaled in high concentrations, it can cause a person to feel drunk or even suffocate. Furthermore in extreme cases a person can die from inhaling such substances, because the chemicals in them basically prohibit oxygen flow to the brain.

DeVane remains in jail, because investigators say a court ordered no bond be set.