Sheriff's Race Over

Rather than continue the election fight, Houston County Democratic challenger Eddie Ingram says he will concede.

Ingram lost to incumbent, Sheriff Lamar Glover. After ballots were counted election night Ingram trailed by three votes.

Then after a dozen absentee ballots were added, Glover’s lead was pushed to 12.

Initially, it was thought a re-count would be automatic, but state elections officials say Ingram would have to pay for the re-count.

Ingram said numerous roadblocks forced him to throw in the towel.

Asst. Chief Ingram said, “We received some information late last night and early this morning, that not only could we not ask for a recount, but we would have had to contest the entire election... plus file some injunctions in circuit court to postpone the certification of this election or whatever the attorney's come up with. It's just not financially feasible for us to do that."

The Republican Party can still pick a candidate to oppose glover in the november general elections.