Tri State Drug Ring Investigation

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Last week’s major drug bust landed two people in Dothan jail. Investigators tell News 4 the two are part of a much larger operation.

The drug operation spanned three states and so far 20 people have been arrested and over 40 pounds of coke seized.

Governor Jackson, from the Dothan Police Dept. said:,"This has been a major bust because it has kept alot of drugs out of the tri-state area."

Nineteen kilos of cocaine to be exact. The investigation began in Jackson County, Florida, back in 2004.

Authorities working with the drug enforcement agency eventually arrested one man. That arrest proved valuable for investigators.

"This gentleman was able to turn some people from our area. They used intelligence to locate the people that were in this area," said Jackson.

Investigators say those people, 34-year old Ezekial Lamar Lee and 26-year old Nakeesha Nicole Lawton were found with 4 kilos of cocaine.

Those drugs were then tied to a drug ring across Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

The 19 keys that have been seized cost the dealers about $300,000. But on the streets, the coke is worth a lot more.

"When they sell these drugs, we're talking about way over half a million dollars," said Jackson.

The investigation is not over. Authorities say they're working on several more arrests.

Local investigators say they're still working new leads.

What they haven't said is whether they expect to find other people linked to this drug ring in Dothan.

Last week's bust is the largest in Dothan in at least 20 years.

Back in 1985 an airplane carrying 15 duffle bags filled with cocaine landed at the Dothan regional airport where police intercepted it.