Coffee Co. Board Keep the Elba Adult Daycare Open

Budget restraints have caused the closing of adult daycare facilities in Abbeville and Slocomb. Although the Coffee County commission voted Tuesday to allocate money to keep the Elba facility open.

On any given weekday, there's anywhere from 20 to 30 folks who spend the day at the adult daycare center in Elba.

Due to budget restraints, the Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center of Dothan has been forced to close facilities in Geneva and Henry Counties.

However now, the Coffee County board of commissioners voted to spend $7,000 to keep the Elba facility open.

"I have friends here. We have devotional. We do arts and crafts. We just have a good time," said Carol Jones.

For the center director Sue Hudson, the services are essential for folks who have no where else to go. Without it, many will go hungry and may have to be institutionalized.

"If our daycare was not to open, they would be home alone. They won't have any interaction with other people," said Hudson.

For an elderly Samson woman in Geneva County, the Elba Adult Daycare Center is a good thing. Without, there not sure what would happen to them

"I’m enjoying it here. Friends that I’ve met since coming here,” said Patricia Willis

"So I have somewhere to come and not stay at home all the time…I love these people," said Doris Harrison.

The Geneva County Adult Daycare Center in Slocomb is scheduled to close Wednesday. Unlike Coffee County, its board of commissioners didn't allocate money for continued operations.