Houston Co. Sheriff's Race Recount

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Assistant Ashford Police Chief Eddie Ingram wants a recount and he will do whatever it takes to get one. In a general election, if a vote is closer than one-half of a percent, a re-count is automatic under state law. The question is, does the same rule apply in a primary election? Right now, that's up in the air.

Regardless of the outcome, Ingram says he's pursuing a recount to make sure the results are correct.

"We put in a good race and we did the best we could... When the recount is conducted I want to see how accurate it is and if it proves to be accurate, then Mr. Glover won and we lost, and that's just the bottom line," said Ingram.

Ingram chance to contest this primary election is fast approaching, and the road to a recount won't be easy.

The first step is presenting his case to a five member committee from the Houston County Democratic Party.

"We're going to consider every petition that comes before us, whether it’s the automatic recount petition or a contest of the election," said Jared Forrester, Houston Co. Democratic Party.

If their decision does not satisfy Ingram, he can then appeal to the county's democratic committee, then to the state committee, and then to the state's Democratic Party chairman before taking his petition to a circuit judge if the issue still isn't resolved.

At that point, if a judge does grant a recount, Ingram will have to pay the $3,000 cost, determined by the Houston County Commission, Houston Co. Democratic Party.

"It involves setting up five voting machines, and just running all the ballots back through the machines," said Mark Culver.

News 4 contacted Sheriff Lamar Glover to ask him about his thoughts on the possible recount. However he declined to go on camera and said he will instead stand back and let whiter happens happen.

Tuesday at noon, the primary election will be certified to the state's democratic committee, and Ingram will have 24 hours to file for a recount under primary election provisions.

News 4 wills continue to follow developments in this race, which has been dubbed by many to be the closest race in Houston County history.