Ft. Rucker Safety Day

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Fort Rucker held its annual "Stand Down for Safety Day." It's designed to bring attention to the importance of safety in all aspects of a soldier's life.

Every day, soldiers in the United States Military are faced with dangerous situations. The military is working to prepare each soldier to avoid risk by having them attend seminars that reinforce safety practices.

"Impact the program has on most soldiers is they get importance of wearing seat belts and to make better decisions with drinking and driving," said Jim Adkins, Adam Beverages Inc., Sponsor.

Some soldiers attending the program had the chance to participate. Most walked away feeling the program was very effective.

"We have enough dangers in our daily lives that don't need to exacerbate the situation. We need to learn through programs like this to avoid risks so we can keep fighting the War on Terror," Capt. Adam Camarano said.

Presenters of the Street Smart program say the dangers of drinking and driving pose more of a risk to soldiers than many are aware of.

"We lose more military personnel to bad choices made home side," said Ronny Garcia, Program Presenter.

The daylong safety program is sponsored by several businesses in the wiregrass.

The safety program is conducted by "Street Smart” and a group that travels nationwide to teach the importance of wearing seat belts and re-enforce the consequences of drinking and driving.