Dorsey Trailers Will Reopen

It appears one of the nation's oldest tractor trailer manufacturers may be getting back into business.

Dorsey trailers of Elba filed for bankruptcy two years ago. The company had been in business for more than 80 years.

Monday at the Coffee County Commission meeting, revenue commissioner Ronnie Burns said a Colorado group has contacted him in order to pay back taxes on the facility.

Burns says the total is around $50,000.

The same group of investors purchased Dorsey last month during a hearing at U.S. bankruptcy court in Montgomery.

"The new owners appear eager to settle at this stage. We have a call from them and interested that they want to settle the two-year’s worth of taxes and maybe set for opening next month," said Burns.

During his annual presentation on property taxes, Burns said the land boom in Enterprise translates into an almost a 300 percent increase in land value.