Bay County Preparing for Tropical Storm Alberto

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Even though Tropical Storm Alberto is heading towards Florida’s Big Bend, some people in the panhandle are preparing anyway.

Tropical Storm Alberto may not have Panama City Beach in its travel plans, but that doesn't mean Bay County is in the clear.

As Alberto approaches Florida, the panhandle is looking to get some wet weather and gusty winds.

Bay County Emergency Management Specialist Sid Busick said, "Well, we already have wind advisories. We're not on the side for favorable tornado development, but that doesn't preclude the possibility. That's probably the fear with any wind event that you have."

The Bay County Emergency Operations Center is encouraging folks to stay out of the water and listen to marine advisories. However, even that doesn't keep some dedicated swimmers and surfers from hitting the waves.

"I think we're going to get some rain, but I don't think were going to get really that much damage or high winds, stuff like that. I mean, me and my friends are thinking about going to the beach and skimming and surfing," said Salvadore Cantavespre.

Even though some folks are considering it great weather for surfing, others are going to play it safe and stay outside the water.

"One, it's really rough, roughest I've seen in a long time. And two, I'm just too old to fool with it," said Donna Caldwell.

The EOC says they are ready to assist in any areas that may need help due to the storm. They are also working with the state of Florida to help manage aid.

The officials at they Bay County Emergency Operations Center say they aren't expecting anything severe in their area, but they still want visitors and residents to listen to the all advisories and steer clear of the water.