Barbour County Election Problems

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In Barbour County, someone stole voting machines and election officials had technical difficulties during this month's primary. Officials are working to make sure election results are valid.

Barbour County officials met in the probate judge's office Monday morning with a representative from electronic voting services.

They ran new summaries on the 21 voting precincts because the earlier summaries left off the Clayton voting precinct.

Barbour Co. Probate Judge Nancy Robertson said, “Just waited until he could come to make sure everything is okay.”

That technical difficulty wasn't the only problem officials faced during election time. The night before elections someone broke into the Mount Andrew polling place and took off with two voting machines.

“I don't know why they did it, maybe thought they were slots or just plain mischief,” said David Nix, Circuit Clerk.

Both machines turned up beside the road and found by the road and bridge department. They were not damaged, so they will be stored and used for the next elections.

“It's a federal offense so will be charged criminally,” said Robertson.

Voting officials say this is the first time they have had election problems like this.

If you have any information about the stolen voting machines, contact the Barbour County Sheriff's Office at 334-775-3434.