Ozark Funeral Home Burglary

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Ozark Police Department authorities are hesitant to say it is a rash but there have been a couple of burglaries going on around the small town. Authorities are trying to solve the problem.

As a manager of Trawick Funeral Home in Ozark, Tyrone Crittenden says he has a routine.

That routine includes coming early in the morning, performing his duties, cleaning up and closing down around 7 p.m.

However after reporting to work Friday morning, Crittenden says he noticed a several things out of place.

“Generally, I keep the office door closed and when I opened the door and I noticed everything in disarray,” said Crittenden.

That's when he called the Ozark Police Department to report a burglary.

File cabinets and drawers in the funeral homes offices had been flung open, and papers thrown everywhere. The thief even attempted to break into the funeral home soda machine, but the suspect didn't take anything.

Leaving expensive items like the fax machine, portable television sets, and an even hotter item on the streets; embalming fluid.

We got in touch with Ozarks' Assistant Police Chief Eddie Henderson who told News 4 that there was a similar burglary at a nearby church but the two burglaries are unrelated.

Investigators are currently looking at evidence left behind by the thief.

“I hope whoever did this gets caught because things like this shouldn't happen in our community, and I don't know what kind of person it takes to break into a funeral home,” said Crittenden.

Funeral home reps say they won't be as trusting next time around. They're investing in a burglary system.

The suspect in the church burglary has since been caught.