Houston County Democratic Primary Winner

It is official; incumbent Lamar Glover is the winner of the 2006 Democratic primary elections. President of the Democratic Party Jared Forrester ripped open the envelopes from every precinct in Houston County.

Forrester and other members of the Democratic Party tallied numbers from each voting machine, and Glover came out on top by 12.

“Still feel good today and excited about it; it's been tough these days,” said Sheriff Glover.

Glover and his attorney were the only two in the audience besides media.

Probate Judge Luke Cooley was on hand to answer questions, but this was mainly the Democratic Party’s deal.

“These are the certified numbers that will be turned into the state party,” said Forrester.

Opponent Eddie Ingram didn't show up for the vote certifications, but he has said he will contest the results.

Sheriff Glover is ready for the fight.

“I’m going to sit back and let them do whatever they see fit.”

Right now there isn't a Republican candidate on the November election after the death of Charles Gibson in May, but the party has a few months to appoint a nominee.

Sources say Eddie Ingram cannot run on the Republican ticket against Glover because of a sore loser law in Alabama.