Houston Co. Sheriff's Race May Not Be Over Yet

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It's been a stressful two days for Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover and challenger Eddie Ingram. The results are unofficial but as of 5 p.m. Thursday, the current sheriff of Houston County is the winner of this year’s primary election.

After counting one regular ballot that was un-counted and 12 provisional ballots, the final tally was Lamar Glover 4,448 and Eddie Ingram 4,436.

Now these 13 ballots along with every other ballot cast on Tuesday will be canvassed by officials from the local Democratic Party Friday morning, and afterward they will certify the election and announce the winner.

Both candidates were at the county building Thursday awaiting the results of the ballot count.

Sheriff Glover says he is excited about moving on and getting to work but Ingram says this election is not over.

Sheriff Lamar Glover said, “ I have had a lot of people that have worked real hard for me... my family has worked hard, my wife has worked extremely hard, and I'm just blessed to have a group of good employees that have also worked very hard and struggled along with this. And now we hope that everything will just go on with the process."

Eddie Ingram said, “We had the best team, a great campaign committee working for us. They're just fired up about this thing and they've worked so hard and put so much time and effort into it, that they're just not ready to settle down, and neither are we; it's too close."

Now if Ingram decides to challenge the results, he will have to do it using the Democratic Party’s appeals process, and if it is not solved within the party, the case can then be presented to a circuit judge who will decide whether to allow for there to be a recount.