Sgt. Jackson’s Drug Free Dothan Plan

One leader behind Wednesday’s meth bust as well as many more drugs bust in the area is rather new to his position.

Sergeant Governor Jackson filled the commander position in 2005.

Before that, he was the assistant commander and he has served as an officer for 25 years.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell says Jackson has been very instrumental by helping stop the use and distribution of drugs in the Dothan and Houston County area.

He and his team assisted Florida police last week in a Florida cocaine bust.

Jackson says he has big plans for cleaning up the city of Dothan.

“My goals is to clean up the city of Dothan and to help the citizens so they can be assured that they can go to sleep at night, and rest at night, and not worry about all the shooting and drug dealing in their neighborhood," said Sgt. Jackson.

The position of commander is normally filled by a lieutenant.

However, Dothan Police Chief John Powell says he will keep Sgt. Jackson in the position and will assign other officers to help out as needed.