Slocomb Adult Daycare Center Closing

The Geneva County Adult Daycare facility will be forced to close for good. The facility cares for around 30 mentally challenged and elderly clients.

Five-days a week, Tommie Thomas prepares two meals a day for around three-dozen clients at the Geneva County Adult Daycare Center.

It's a job she'll lose after the 15 of this month, but she's more concerned for the folks who come here.

"Some of them have gotten back into their childhood and they can't do no more on what they know what to do. I thank god that I’m here to help them," said Thomas.

Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center officials say they simply don't receive the financial support to keep open the Slocomb facility. Many clients wonder what will happen after they can't come anymore.

"I like it is fun and we do activities. Now it is closing. I don't know what I’m going to do," said Nancy Brooks.

The center director Teresa Smith says it's a tragedy.

"They enjoy being around each other. The arts and crafts are a favorite. We are taking care of them so their caregivers are able to work," said Smith.

Last month the Wiregrass Rehab Center was forced to close its Abbeville Adult Daycare center.