Scam Artists Alert

A pair of scam artists are targeting elderly citizens in Jefferson County and authorities are warning residents to be careful.

The sheriff's office says the couple is going door to door using
different stories in an effort to gain entry into homes.

Investigators believe the pair want to determine if a person lives
alone so they can either bilk or steal from the individual.

The two suspects are described as a well-dressed black male
about 25-years of age and a white female with long brown hair,
wearing jeans and a T-shirt. She is approximately 20 years-old. A
description of their vehicle was unavailable.

Sheriff's officials said the couple travels to a neighborhood
and tells unsuspecting home owners that they are selling vacuum
cleaners. But according to authorities, they don't have a unit with
them to see or sell.

Residents are urged NOT to allow strangers in your home. For
more information or if you see these individuals, you are urged to
call the Jefferson County Sheriff's office at 205-325-1450.