Dothan Shooting

According to police officials, Wilbert Jackson was shot once in the leg after ramming into his wife's car at Porter Square then following her to the Dothan Police Station.

When they arrived at the station, Jackson allegedly blocked his wife's car and pulled out a shotgun. Police say he broke the passenger side window of her car and threatened to kill her.

Antonio Mackey works with Jackson's wife. He saw the whole thing from the beginning and followed both cars to the police station. Police say that's when Mackey pulled out a handgun to defend Jackson's wife and shot Jackson in the leg.

Chawanna Jackson had been separated from her husband Wilbert for three months and had a restraining order against him. Police officials say Wilbert Jackson will be charged with violating a restraining order.

And Antonio Mackey faces a first-degree charge of possession of marijuana. Police say they found a large amount of the drug inside Mackey's car along with a large sum of money.