3 Arrested After Fight in Skipperville

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We are learning more about a large fight last night in Skipperville that led to two people being sent to the hospital and three arrests.

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson said it started as a small dispute on Mary McClendon, but quickly got out of hand.

Dozens of people were involved and deputies said shots were fired.
One person was grazed with a bullet and another was beaten with a baseball bat. Additional officers were called in to help get everyone under control.

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson said, “If you have a problem, instead of getting out in the street and doing this, you need to contact the sheriff’s office and let us deal with it. You don’t need to take it into your own hands and start assaulting folks and shooting each other because someone is eventually going to get killed.”

Larry Whigham Jr. is facing charges of firing a gun into an empty car and 2nd degree assault.

Zack Kelly was charged with 1st degree attempted assault.

And Michael Deangelo Smith is facing felony marijuana possession charges.

Investigators said they discovered during their investigation last night that Smith had a large amount of marijuana. All three were booked into Dale County Jail.

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