Mixon Business Center

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The halls of Dothan’s business incubator, the Mixon Business Center, are quiet.

Nearly all of the newly renovated offices are bare and vacant. Although the center offers several small business opportunities to help new entrepreneurs, not many people have seriously utilized the space and resources.

"I don't think people yet understand what we're about. We're here to provide a service to those who are looking to open a business for the first time," said David Duke, Career and Comm. Affairs Coordinator.

In Houston County, there are 2,818 businesses and only 11 are not considered a small business. The incubator is located at the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center on Main Street and has 14 offices to work out of.

Each office includes a computer and high-speed Internet, and the shared space inside the Mixon Business Center includes a meeting room, break room and security, yet not many are taking advantage of the opportunity to start their own company.

Dir. of Workforce Development Steve Turkoski said, "There's just a lack of awareness. It's in a downtown area. It's in an area that really has a lot of potential and has been utilized in the past. We look forward to great things in Dothan. Dothan was ranked 16 out of 179 metropolitan areas for entrepreneurship as a hot site, and so it’s recognized as an area that we create a lot of jobs. There are a lot of people starting companies here and we're just trying to foster that."

For those who are interested in starting a business, the center offers several workshops throughout the year. The next one will be on the 13 from 1:30 to 4.

The Mixon business center is located between subway and the arc on west Main Street. You can call them at 836-0217.