Troy University Area Robbery Suspects Arrest

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It happened in Troy last week when three students were robbed at gunpoint at their home.

Even though police have charged two suspects with first degree robbery, police will not guarantee something like this won't happen again.

These are three Troy University students were robbed.

Police believe the suspects approached the apartments and when the resident opened the door. The suspect pulled out a gun and demanding money. No shots were fired but the suspects did take over $200.

The area where Troy Police caught one of the suspects about 20 minutes after the last robbery; police say even though this case is coming to a close, everyone should still take caution when a stranger kicks at their door.

"No one has to open that door. I would suggest that an individual would be able to see who's at that door before you ever go to that door and open it. One good way is to have a peep hole,” said Sgt. Benny Scarbrough.

Even though these crimes seemed target towards the student living areas, troy police say it could have happened to anyone.

"You can call the police. We'll find out who that person is, and we'll ask their name and there's nothing in the world wrong with that. We're not to busy that we can't assist in that and help people when they need help in that manner," said Sgt. Scarbrough.

The two suspects were charged with first degree robbery which is considered a felony.

Eighteen-year-old Marquise Jermain McClendon was charged with three counts of first degree robbery and 17-year-old Alex Pennington was charged as an adult with two counts of first degree robbery.

Police say that since the arrests were made, other people say they were also robbed last week.

Police are not sure right now if those cases are related but it is under investigation.