Houston Co. Sheriff Race Faces No Automatic Recount

They are calling it the closest race ever in Houston County.

Incumbent Lamar Glover who's served the sheriff department for 12 years beat Ashford Deputy Chief Eddie Ingram by only three votes.

Now there are 12 unopened provisional absentee ballots without proper identification.

“The procedure now is the registrar's office's responsibility to call the people and get their ID's in,” said Houston Co. Probate Judge Luke Coole.

Since this is a primary election and not a general election the Democratic Party is responsible for adding the provisional ballots and certifying a winner.

If the loser wants a recount; they have to put up the money.

Right now the ballots are in the administrative tower because normally the sheriff protects them.

Cooley says this is a very unique situation.

Eddie Ingram plans on going through the court system if he loses. Incumbent Lamar Glover refused to talk on camera as advised by his lawyer.

The Democratic Party has until Tuesday at noon to certify the election results.