Enterprise Attack Investigation

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A Wiregrass man is recovering Tuesday after being attacked this weekend. Police investigators are following some leads to narrow down the suspect.

The attack happened in a busy parking lot at an Enterprise shopping center. However authorities say shoppers should not be concerned; it seems like an isolated incident.

Timothy Caddell is a cook at Milano. He hasn't been back to work since he was attacked Saturday night.

He says the suspect approached him in the parking lot outside his car and as the suspect came closer, he knew he was after more than just money.

"So I advanced toward the front door and within 5-10 steps, he had hit me in the back of the head with something and I was tackled there in the driveway. And for the most part, when I came to, he was still dragging me through the grass between the cars," said Caddell.

When it was all over, Caddell suffered several cuts and bruises and injuries to his head, neck, arm, and leg.

The following day, he also noticed some of his money was missing.

Timothy says he's been afraid to go back to work since the incident happened. However, police say they now have a primary suspect, and they don't believe it was a random attack.

Enterprise Police Dept. Sgt. Christopher Peterson said, “I assisted the individual in finding out who assaulted him. And at this point in time, we're waiting for him to obtain a warrant through our city magistrate."

Because of the physical nature of this attack, the suspect could be charged with third-degree assault.

At this point, authorities are not treating this case as a mugging. Investigators are looking at it as more of an assault.

A third degree assault charge is a misdemeanor, and if convicted, could carry up to a year in jail.