Henry and Houston Counties Stolen Guns Arrest

Southwest Georgia investigators have nabbed two more suspects in a local case which involves about $40,000 in stolen guns.

Homes in both Henry and Houston Counties were being broken into, and hunting rifles were stolen.

Late last month, 28-year-old Jason Payne of Dothan was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property.

Tuesday, two Dothan men were arrested connection with the case.

While riding their patrol bikes, Thomasville, Georgia police smelled the scent of marijuana. The smell led them to an empty car that was not too empty. Inside was marijuana, cocaine, and a hunting rifle.

A check was then run on 10 rifles.

"This is when we realized the guns were stolen out of Alabama. We got in contact with the Alabama authorities," said Sgt. Melven Johnson.

Eight more guns have been found and it's believed 21-year-old Justin Elliot Hawkins and 22-year-old Larry Christopher Ingram have illegally sold or pawned the guns to locals for drugs and other means of support.

"You see a lot of criminals that are crossing state lines for various reasons, and one reason is they can easily get rid of property across state lines," said Sgt. Johnson.

Both Ingram and Hawkins are being held in the Thomas County Jail and are under no bond. Officials say it'll be a while before they are extradited back to Alabama because four different jurisdictions are prosecuting them.

Those jurisdictions are Thomas County, Henry and Houston Counties, and the city of Dothan.

The federal agency, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms will also prosecute the case because the property was carried across state lines.

Ingram and Hawkins are charged with various drug charges and transferring stolen property across the state line.

If you believe you've received a stolen gun from Ingram or Hawkins, you’re asked to call Georgia’s Crimestoppers at 229-227-3305.