Local Soldiers Come Home

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Several soldiers from Ft. Rucker are spending time with their loved ones after serving a tour of duty in Iraq. Fox Company, 58th Aviation Regiment was actually not required to serve overseas but they volunteered to go.

Staff Sergeant Lucien Hecker gets a big hug from his little girl. The last time he saw her and the rest of his family was six months ago, when he was deployed to Iraq.

"It feels wonderful. I've missed them all, and it's been hectic, but i'm happy to be back home with them," said SSG Lucien Hecker

SSG Hecker wife said, "So far it feels wonderful. It's going to be great to have him home with the kids... they've really missed him a lot."

Although serving in Iraq was not one of staff Sergeant Heckers responsibilities. He along with six other men and one woman volunteered to serve overseas to perform general support maintenance on air traffic services like radars, navigational aids, and different communications systems.

After spending half a year away from home, these troops are now happy to be back home with their loved ones.

Sergeant Heriberto Morfin said, "Man I can't explain it. After not having seen my family for so long, it's great to be back home."

"This is my motivation here, and I'm telling you it's more than a journey... I'm just happy to be here," said Staff Sergeant Telroy Grant

After serving proudly, they say they're now ready for some much needed time off.

"It's wonderful... God blessed me to come home to a beautiful wife and 4 kids," said Sergeant Kelvin Graham

The troops will now undergo re-integration training.

That basically means they will learn to live without the overwhelming sense of fear they had to endure while spending months in war torn Iraq.

Afterward, they will have a 30-day leave period before returning to work.