Alabama Governor's Race

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Four major candidates in Alabama’s gubernatorial race are spending their final days before elections crisscrossing the state. Former Governor Don Siegelman was in Dothan Monday and Governor Bob Riley, Lucy Baxley and Roy Moore also made their presence known.

A crowd clapping and chanting “four more years" was all you could hear. The minute Governor Riley arrived at the Dothan airport.

He's still hitting the campaign trail hard; despite polls showing a major lead over his only republican opponent, former Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Moore made an appearance later in the day at golden corral, where he spoke about restoring a conservative philosophy to Alabama’s government by slowing down irresponsible spending and saying no to tax increases.

The dynamics of the democratic race are just as intense.

The candidates are traveling from city to city across the state, each with different political agendas. But the one thing they seem to have in common. They're all trying to boost voter-turnout.

On the democratic side, Lieutenant Governor Lucy Baxley spoke mostly about getting Alabama back on the right track.

The Pansey native says her record and reputation to follow-through will be why most voters will choose her.

She is also predicting victory over former governor Don Siegelman who made his rounds Sunday.

Siegelman is spending these final hours before the election in court.

However, with the promotion of having an education lottery and bringing more jobs to the state, he predicts preliminary polls will be proven wrong and he will be the main candidate on the democratic ticket.

Now it's up to the voters to determine who will make it to November’s race.

There are five other candidates running on the democratic ticket one of whom is Houston County resident, Nathan Mathis.

Joe Copeland is also running, along with Harry Lyon, Katherine Mack and James Potts.