A Slocomb City Clerk Charged With First-Degree Theft of Property

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A city official in the wiregrass finds herself in trouble with the law. Slocomb municipal magistrate Patsy Barron has been arrested and charged with stealing city money.

Longtime Slocomb Mayor Vickie Moore describes it as one of her saddest days since taking office. During a news conference, Mayor Moore says a three-month investigation has resulted in the arrest of municipal magistrate Patsy Barron on first-degree theft of property charges.

The 38-year-old reportedly stole around $10,000 in traffic ticket fine monies paid to the city.

Mayor Moore said, "I will not tolerate it and it will not be tolerated from any employee... the city council and myself is disgusted by this incident"

Prior to being appointed municipal magistrate, Mrs. Barron served 8-years as a Slocomb police dispatcher. City police Chief David Land says no one is above the law, and an arrest had to be made:

"This case might have been someone who is personally known makes it personally tough. At the same time as the mayor said this type of thing is not going to be tolerated no matter who you are," said Chief Land.

In this town of 700 residents; folks are saddened but, they are not shocked. It can happen anywhere.

"You just never know what might be going on wherever you're at. It’s everywhere anything can happen," said Donna Chavis.

"Unfortunately it’s the world we live in. you wouldn't think it would happen in Slocomb or anywhere else in Geneva County, but it happens everywhere in the world," said Riley Seibenhener.

Mayor Moore stresses that the city has a record of all those who have paid their traffic fines. It's the city that's out of $10,000.

Barron has been released from the Geneva County jail under a $10,000 bond.