A Terrible Accident Sent Three Drivers to the Hospital

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A terrible accident sent three drivers to the hospital just days after an accident in Webb that has one man in intensive care unit, and state troopers are telling drivers to slow down.

All that's left from Saturday evening’s accident are these pink stripes; investigators paint them at the scene of an accident.

Troopers say 44-year-old David Williams of Dothan was driving east toward Webb when he attempted to pass a car in front of him.

Investigators say he hit two other cars, splitting his vehicle in half and sending him to the ICU.

However, a blind spot in the area around Livingston loop is causing several accidents. According to statistics, 99 percent of accidents don't happen because of the road.

State Trooper Corp. Tracey Nelson said, "The reason why there are accidents on that road is because of the high traffic volume."

One of the residents in the area News 4 spoke with wouldn't go on record, but she told us that the accident was the worse she's ever seen. In fact, she says the speeding on this road has gotten out of control

"If each and every person would drive the speed limit themselves and not worry about other people as they accelerate, and someone gets behind them and they say they're pushing me and maintain that speed, well the other driver will go around," said Corp. Nelson.

The other two drivers involved were treated and released from an area hospital.