Ruben Studdard Camp

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"We're looking for kids who can play their instruments." That's what the Ruben Studdard camp director is saying about the upcoming performance.

The search is on in the Wiregrass to find talented kids to perform with 2004 American Idol---Ruben Studdard. Auditions are being held to fill about one hundred slots for a music camp designed to broaden teenagers horizons when it comes to the many facets of music.

Wallace Community College President Linda Young said, "It gives them a well rounded background and helps them enjoy a better way of life."

Kids age 12 to 19 are eligible to try out and more than one hundred turned up for the first day of auditions. Some kids want to part of the camp to strengthen their musical skills, while others are just looking for a summer activity.

Contestant Cassie Washburn said, "It'll give me something to do over the summer. I have like nothing to do."

The camp is designed to inspire teens to chase their dreams and is a way Ruben Studdard feels he can give back to community.
Ruben's Mom Emily Studdard said, "That's his dream to let kids know that if they keep studying and keep their eye on the prize good things are going to happen to them."

All performers chosen for the camp will have the opportunity to sing or play their instrument the first week in August with Ruben at Wallace Community College.

If you're interested in auditioning to be part of the Ruben Studdard Music Camp you can contact the Houston County Extension office at 794-4108. The last day to sign up is Thursday.