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Dothan police are looking for more leads in last months armed robbery of a loca jewelry store. The thieves made off with more than 600-thousand dollars in merchandise.

CG:1_LWR3RD\20\John Powell\Dothan Chief of Police\\\\]
[CG:1_LWR3RD\46\Sgt. Tony Luker\Dothan Criminal Investigator\\\\]
[CG:1_LWR3RD\1:10\Doug Valeska\Houston/Henry Co. District Attorney\\\\]

Dothan police are continuing their search for 3 African-American men they believe are responsible for the March 18th robbery of Interco Coin and Jewelry. They are working with several leads they have on the case, but are asking the public to call in any information they may have heard about the robbery.

Dothan police chief John Powell said, "Community participation is important when trying to solve a crime. The public gets information we wouldn't know that can help us solve case."

Police say they are looking for anyone who knows who committed the robbery or anyone who has seen or been offered large amounts of coins or jewelry.

Sergeant Tony Luker said, "Every bit of information helps. We can take a little information and it might be what we need to tie everything together."

Police are encouraging those with information to call crimestoppers, a service that allows all callers to remain anonymous, but still lets police get the information they need to help solve a case.

Houston/Henry County District Attorney Doug Valeska said, "People know something and they are concerned for their own safety, but through crimestoppers they won't have to testify."

Crimestoppers is offering a one thousand dollar reward, and the Owner of Interco Coin and Jewelry is offering an additional 10 thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest

If you have any information about the robbery you can contact Crimestoppers at 334-793-7000.